Lubricants are available for a wide range of machinery, including trucks, construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment. From grease guns to hydraulic fluids, we have just the products you need!

We offer a wide range of grease for JCB machines including mini diggers, telehandlers, excavators, backhoes and more. We also stock Rock Oil and Miller Oils for engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, brake fluids, gear oils, and greases.

Keep your JCB machinery running smoothly

Lubricants are essential for reducing friction and wear between moving parts, prolonging the life of your machinery and preventing costly breakdowns. They also help to dissipate heat and protect against corrosion.

From grease tubes for small applications to bulk containers for larger machines, we have the lubricants you need to keep your machine in top condition. Or if you need oil changes for engines or hydraulic systems, we have a range of high-quality oils to ensure optimal performance.

Our lubricants are specially formulated to meet the high demands of JCB machinery, providing excellent protection and performance in even the most extreme conditions. Whether you are working in construction, agriculture, or industrial settings, our lubricants will help keep your equipment operating at its best.

Make sure to follow a regular maintenance schedule for oil changes and greasing. This will help keep your machinery running smoothly for years to come.